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Whole House Water Purification System


The technology in the HDC Whole House Water Purification System creates a significant differential in pressure inside the chamber of the system. As your city or well water passes through the chamber of the HDC Device the water will convert, via Hydrodynamic Cavitation, from a liquid to a gas (said gas is in the form of bubbles). The bubbles will then collapse (cavitate), return to a liquid and exit the device. This is the result of the water cavitating itself. While in the cavitation process, temperatures in the collapsing bubbles will exceed 500º Fahrenheit. This naturally-created heat is what breaks down the molecules of the items we aim to remove from your well or municipal water supply.

HDC Pool Device

HDC Whole House Device Installation Examples

HDC Whole House Water Purification System

HDC Device is Versatile

HDC Whole House Water Purification System

HDC Device in Home Garage

HDC Whole House Water Purification System

HDC Device in Restaurant


Customer Reported  Health Benefits!

The HDC Whole House Water Purification System customers have reported many health improvements by simply showering, bathing, drinking and cooking with the water created, including (but not limited to):

  • NTeenage facial acne completely clearing up.
  • NTeenage back acne completely clearing up.
  • NShingles and Hives being substantially reduced or eliminated.
  • NEczema, Psoriasis and Liver Spots completely clearing up.
  • NAthlete's Foot (Tinea Pedis) completely clearing up.
  • NPrurigo Nodularis completely clearing up.

Showering (without) HDC Whole House Water Purification Systems water.  

  • While showering, your skin absorbs the shower water and all of the contaminants that may be in the water (except lead).
  • While taking a shower, the chlorine in the water is turned to steam and directly enters your lungs along with the vaporized water.
  • That being said, taking a shower can be considered an unhealthy activity.

Showering (with) HDC Whole House Water Purification Systems water.


  • A large percentage of heavy metals removed.
  • Pathogens, bacteria and parasites are eliminated.
  • A large percentage of toxins and industrial waste byproducts are removed.
  • The system creates restructured water, converting the water from H2O into H3O2, adding an additional oxygen and hydrogen atom to each water molecule.
  • Showering in H3O2 is great for healing the body. Simply put, showering is transformed from an unhealthy into a healthful activity!

Other Reported Benefits: 

  • Dramatic improvements to customers’ hair, skin softness and overall health.

  • Reduced usage of soap and shampoo in the shower, with a much faster rinse time.

  • Reduced need for detergent in the washing mashine and dishwasher.

  • Cleaner dishes coming out of the dishwasher.

  • Cleaner clothing coming out of the washing machine.

  • Greatly improved taste of tap water.

  • Very soft water with no odors.

  • Greatly reduced (or eliminated) spots left behind on glass shower stalls.

  • Rings in toilet bowls partially or completely removed.

  • Significant reduction in soap scum in showers.

  • Very easy to install and maintain system (no electrician needed!).

  • The Whole House Water Purification System takes up much less space, as it very compact, giving more storage space in the garage.

About Hydrodynamic Cavitation (HDC)

Hydrodynamic Cavitation (HDC) has been researched and studied for many years and is presently in use worldwide, mostly in wastewater treatment facilities. HDC results have been far more effective than any other water sanitation and purification systems used today. The natural phenomenon of Hydrodynamic Cavitation helps to sanitize the water through the heat signature it creates inside the device, dismantling many toxic pathogens and microorganisms passing through its chamber. HDC dismantles these unwanted items in the water by removing the hydrogen and/or oxygen atoms attached to and making up the molecule – therefore, said molecule no longer exists. HDC also changes the molecular structure of the water into a “restructured” negatively ionic charged body of water, when used as directed. With the waters transformed, the HDC device helps to naturally reduce the need for chlorine and other harmful chemicals in any body of water. It provides a natural ‘trifecta’ outcome that helps to sanitize, purify, and balance the water chemistry on any body of water it is installed on.

Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP)

The HDC device, when used as directed, creates an increase in the measurable level of ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of the water. ORP is a term used frequently in the water treatment & food processing industry and is measured in + – mv. The best definition of “ORP” is that the higher the ORP in a body of water indicates an increase of the water’s ability to break down contaminants on its own.

A Story About “Restructured Water”

I’ve lived in Arizona for 25 years and the water here is not good: it dries your skin, hair, it has chemicals in it that is bad for your pipes, clothes, leaves water spots on dishes, glasses and on your faucets. For years I purchased water softeners from hardware stores. I thought they were good for my skin, hair, clothes, etc. but now I know they’re not. I had to add salt on a regular basis and the salt is not good for anything, especially drinking it!

I had a HDC system put in my home and it is amazing!  

  • No more water spots on glasses, dishes, etc.
  • No soap scum on shower glass doors/shower walls.
  • Softer hair and smother skin (I don’t even use skin creams anymore).
  • Drinking water tastes delicious – no more purchasing plastic water bottles (better for the environment!).
  • Laundry comes out feeling fresher and softer – no more fabric softener and no more sheets for the dryer.

Most importantly: it removes bad chemicals and no more chlorine!

In the long run my husband and I will save money on electricity, he will no longer need to lug 40 pound bags of the salt, and we gained some space in our garage.

I recommend this system to everyone – it has been the best investment for my home.

Phoenix, Arizona

About HDC Product Devices


Removes suspended particles and heavy metals that cause haziness in the water. The particles and metals will clump together as they run through the HDC Products device and either get captured in the filter or fall out of suspension and removed (with normal maintenance).


The HDC Products device is made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC), the same that is used in your plumbing and requires: 

  • NO electrical power 
  • NO grounding necessary
  • Has NO moving or replaceable parts
  • Requires NO maintenance


The HDC Products device comes with the industry leading 10-year non-prorated warranty for all parts and workmanship from KD Enterprises Inc.

(BBB accredited, A rating)

All Natural Benefits:

Hydrodynamic Cavitation has been studied for over 100 years and is presently in use all over the world in different applications, and has been proven to naturally:

  • Kill pathogens and bacterias
  • Remove large percentages of heavy metals
  • Create a negative ion charge in the water
  • Create “restructured water” (H2O to H3O2)
  • Deconstruct various unwanted chemicals
  • Allow vegetation to thrive by more than 20-30%
  • Increase the oxidation reduction potential (ORP)
    of the water
  • Slow down water evaporation process by 250%.


Other Benefits:

  • The HDC device reduces required chemicals by 80% naturally!
  • Lowers corrosive effects from high acidity of chemicals.
  • The HDC device creates “structured water” that slows down evaporation in outdoor pool and spas by 250%.
  • Lowers calcium phosphate deposits.
  • Works with or without an existing “secondary source of sanitation” device, such as UV and Ozone-related products. Works on all salt and chlorine systems.

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