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The truth about salt water sanitizing pools and spas begins with disinfection, chlorine pools and spas disinfect the water by ridding the water of germs, salt water pools and spas create chlorine to do the exact same job.

All salt water pools and spas require two things, approximately 3,500 parts per million (upfront cost to purchase and distribute 300 pounds) salt per 1,000 gallons of actual salt floating around in the water (you can taste the salt). The other is a “Salt Chlorine Generator” (requires electricity) to convert particles of salt into chlorine in order to sanitize the water. You will not pour or sprinkle raw chlorine into the pool because when the pump is running chlorine is produced and added to the water.

Keith Morrill, Founder HDC Products 

hdc pool purification system

This is a picture of a SALT CHLORINE GENERATOR. This device creates chlorine and there is little to no difference between swimming in water that has been treated by chlorine or water that has chlorine as a by-product of chlorine  created by a salt chlorine generator.

This salt chlorine generator device is to be removed when our Patented HDC Technology is Installed every time, saving the Planet 1 pool at a time.


1) The requirement to have approximately 3,500 ppm of salt in the water for sanitation is bad for our environment in three ways.

• The production of salt
• Distribution of salt
• The disposal of salty chlorinated water containing many other bi-products all have a negative impact.

*Along with salt being an oxidiser, salt deteriorates natural stone next to your swimming pool. Materials that have rusted are a result of oxidation.

2) All salt pools and spas require a “Salt Chlorine Generator,” it is cut into the plumbing of all pools and spas and it will fail and need to be replaced approximately once every two years. Costing on average $1,000.00 each time plus needing to coordinate with the technician to gain access to the property.

The HDC device Naturally helps stabilize the ph at 7.4, the optimal ph for maximum chlorine effectiveness.

“California Polytechnic State University’s National Pool Industry Research Center conducted a study examining the rise of pH levels in swimming pools sanitized with salt.

Researchers tested pH levels every Monday, Wednesday and Friday over the course of several weeks. pH was adjusted to 7.4 after every Friday reading. Over the weekend, pH spiked from 7.4 to 8.0.

The pH in a pool or spa impacts the sanitizer efficacy of chlorine tremendously. For example, at a pH of 7.2, chlorine is 65 percent effective; at 7.8, 32 percent effective; and at 8.0, 20 percent. As you can see, chlorine effectiveness decreases dramatically as the pH in water increases.

This study tells us two things: The first is that salt generators will cause the pH in a pool to rise quickly. The second is that once-a-week testing and adjustment is not enough to maintain proper pH levels.”

-Robert Flynn (www.poolspanews.com)

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