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Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation: A Review of Recent Advances and Perspectives for Greener Processing

Cavitation-based technologies are gaining interest among processing technologies due to their cost eectiveness in operation, minimization of toxic solvent usage, and ability to obtain superior processed products compared to conventional methods.

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Structured Water Devices Change the Energy of Water

Water is ubiquitous and it may be from this property that it is frequently taken for granted. Even though it is everywhere, water is anything but common.

Most people think that water comes in 3 shapes and sizes and they all have the formula H2O. We recognize ice as water in its solid form, water as the liquid stage and steam as water as a gas.

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Water Quality and Cannabis Production

A relatively novel water treatment method, known as Hydrodynamic Cavitation (HDC for short) has been used for industrial-scale decontamination of polluted water, and has recently been scaled down to allow for household and small-farm applications of this technology.

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Patent: Automated Greenhouse

The greenhouse produces its own pure, clean water supply with proprietary, on-board atmospheric water generators incorporating water treatment technology, namely ozone, hydrodynamic cavitation, acoustical cavitation, and electrochemical oxidation to oxidize and destroy contaminants to maintain purity.

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Hydrodynamic Cannabis Extraction

The introduction of this groundbreaking new extraction method is set to make waves across the industry and could set a new standard for quality cannabis products.

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